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Seasonal Work

Have you ever thought of working the summer season at the beach, maybe Hawaii, surfing, and afterwards working the winter season in the mountains, like Vail, Colorado for skiing?

Isn’t this the best of both Worlds?

What if you don’t like the Summers ?

Work The Winter Season in the Northern Hemisphere, skiing in Park City, UT for example. While you’re working, set up a job for the Winter Season in the Southern Hemisphere in New Zealand or Australia, maybe?

 You don’t like skiing and freezing?

Work The Summer Season in the Northern Hemisphere in the Pacific Northwest, Washington or Oregon, fishing, hiking and kayaking.

While you’re working and having fun at the beach, set up a job for the Summer Season in Australia for snorkeling or New Zealand for hiking and rafting. 

 The World is your Oyster,


and harvest your




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